What is FastTag ?
What is FastTag ?

If you are an owner of a vehicle then you will definitely heared about a word in recent time ‘Fastag’. If you know about this word then you will know the meaning of this.

But if you don’t know about this, then this article is for you. You will know everything related to fastag in this article. Like, what is fastag? how does it work? and what are its benefits? etcetera.

But first, let’s know what is Fastag?


Fastag is used for collecting toll on toll plazas on national highways. It uses an electronic toll collection system for this. The national highway authority of India (NHAI) operates this. It uses radio frequency identification technology for working.

But, do you know that fastag is not a new thing? it was first used in the year 2014. But back then it was not familiar to the common man so it is obvious that most of the people think that this is a new phenomenon.

Why Fastag is making headlines in recent times?

The reason why fastag is making headlines in recent times because the Indian government made it compulsory for toll payments on the national highways. This means if you are going through toll plazas and you don’t have a fastag then you have to pay double the amount of the toll tax.

The government made it compulsory for the first time on 1st December 2019. However later they extended the date to 15th February 2021. After this date, it is compulsory for every vehicle in the country to use fastag sticker.

How can you get a Fastag?

You can get a fastag sticker from some selected bank in the country. Whose names you will get later in this article. However, you will get it from e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart too.

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How does a fastag work?

If a vehicle comes on a toll plaza that has a fastag sticker on it, then a sensor which is installed in the toll plaza tracks it. And identify the vehicle and then the payable amount will automatically deduct from the vehicle’s honor’s fastag account. But if you have a prepaid fastag account then first you have to put a certain amount in it.

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From where you will get the fastag?

You will get it from the 19 different bank’s branches across the country. The name of those are listed here

State bank of IndiaNagpur naagrik sahkaari bank ltd.Indusind bank
Equitas small finance bankSouth Indian bankAxis bank
Karur vsysa bankSyndicate bankIcici bank
Kotak Mahindra bankCity union bankIdfc bank
Punjab national bankSarawat bankHdfc bank
Punjab and Maharashtra coop bankUnion bankFederal bank
Yes bank

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How to start a fastag?

For making functional a fastag there are two ways for this.
The first one is that you can start it on your own via self-activation. For this, you just need to download the fastag mobile app and fill in your vehicle’s information. After it, you have to link it with your existing bank account. After this procedure, it is ready for the work.

And in the second method, you can start it through a bank’s branch. The same procedure will be followed there for starting the fastag or making it functional.

Now after all these things happened there is an obvious question that arrived in your mind, that how can I recharge my fastag account?

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You can recharge your fastag wallet or account via cheques or by UPI/debit card/credit card/NEFT/net banking etc.

Now in the end some questions related to fastag

Can a vehicle owner’s two separate vehicles use his one fastag sticker?

No, the vehicles may belong to the same person but they both can not use or share a fastag sticker they need their separate stickers.

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What is the cost of a fastag sticker?

The cost of a fastag sticker is around 100 rupees.

Does a fastag sticker have an expiry date?

No, there is no time limit for the fastag stickers until the toll plaza’s sensor is unable to read them.

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And that’s the end of this. If you liked it or the given information is useful for you then share it. And if you want to give us feedback and suggestions then you can simply comment on us.

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