PM Kusum Scheme
PM Kusum Scheme

In India farming is a gamble of the monsoon. There are many places in India that are semi-arid or arid regions. In these areas irrigation of crops depends on the canals, wells, and ponds.

And all of these resources depend on the rain. In this situation, tube-wells that are run from a diesel engine or electricity are the dependable source for irrigation.

But because of this farmers have to spent extra on diesel and if they irrigate their crops by tubewells run by electricity then they have to depend on the electricity.

By addressing this problem the government announced the PM Kusum Scheme in this scheme farmers can set up a solar panel and a pump run by solar energy. This will fulfill their electricity needs.

Official information of the PM Kusum Scheme

Scheme Name Pradhanmantri Kusum Scheme
Starting dateJuly 2019
Operated byCentral government
AimHelping farmers for switching to solar energy for their electricity needs

PM Kusum Scheme 2024

PM Kusum Scheme was started by the central government. In this scheme, they can set up a solar panel on their land. And they can use electricity generated by it for their agricultural purposes.

If they generate more electricity of their use then they can sell it to the discom companies and make an extra income source. The government gives a 90% grant for solar panels and the rest of the 10% will be given by the farmers for it.

The reason behind the start of PM Kusum Scheme

In India, agriculture always depends on the rain. If the rain gods are happy then good it’s ok. But if not then the destruction of the crops. For tackling this pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana was started. So that farmers can irrigate their crops from solar pumps.

Farmers can use this solar energy for their agricultural purposes with this they can sell electricity to discoms and earn extra income. Along with this it will promote the use of renewable energy and with this will also help in decreasing the harmful effects of human activities on the environment.

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Targets of the PM Kusum Scheme and their cost

The target of this is to run 3 crore tubewells from solar energy which are run by the diesel engine or electricity. The government will give a 17.5 lakh solar pump set to the farmers of those areas where the power grid is not available. And where power grids are available farmers of those areas will get 10 lakh solar pump sets.

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1.40 lakh crores will need to make this possible. 48 thousand crore rupees from these will be the central government’s responsibility. Exact same amount will be the responsibility of the state governments. Farmers have to contribute just the 10% of the cost while the rest amount will be managed by the loans from the banks.

Benefits of the PM Kusum Scheme

  • Lots of electricity will be saved by the use of solar energy in its place because of the Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana.
  • This scheme will not only save electricity but this will help in the production of the extra 28 thousand megawatts more electricity.

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  • By the Kusum, yojana farmers will not only produce electricity for themselves but rather than this they can also sell this electricity to the discoms and get a dependable source of income for the next 25 years.
  • Farmers can turn their barren lands into an income source by setting up solar panels on them.
  • This scheme will reduce the harmful effects on the environment because it will decrease the use of fossil fuels.

Necessary documents for applying in the PM Kusum Scheme

The name of the required documents for applying in the PM Kusum Scheme are named below

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  • Passport size photo of the applicant
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account’s Passbook
  • Residential certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Mobile number

How to apply in the PM Kusum Scheme

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For applying to the PM Kusum Scheme you have to visit the Official Website for registration. Or you can go to your nearest customer service point for applying to this scheme.

Now some questions in the end

What amount farmers have to give for taking the benefit of PM Kusum Scheme ?

Farmers have to give only 10% of the total cost of the solar pump.

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Apart from farmers which ones are eligible for PM Kusum Scheme ?

No one can take the benefits of the Kusum yojana apart from the farmers.

How much subsidy will be given by the government for setting up solar pumps in the Kusum Yojana?

The government will give a 90% subsidy on the solar pumps in the PM Kusum Scheme

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