PM Ujjawala Scheme
PM Ujjawala Scheme

Cooking in India is that work which took the most time of a woman’s daily routine. In rural areas of India a woman’s most time of her daily routine spends on it that’s why they do not have time to do some productive activities. In India, 40% of families still use traditional fuels for cooking. Like woods, coal and cow dung, etc.

The smoke produced by burning all these kinds of stuff is very dangerous not only for human health but for the environment also. After noticing all these things Prime Minister started a scheme whose name is PM Ujjawala Scheme. You will get the whole information about this scheme in this article. 

Main target of the PM Ujjawala Scheme 2024

This scheme was started by the honorable Prime Minister of India from the Balia district of Uttar Pradesh.

The aim of this scheme is to provide LPG connection to every house of the country so that they can stay away from pollution caused by the burning of fuels. Under this scheme, 50 million LPG connections were distributed to the BPL families.

In the first year of this scheme, 22 million connections were distributed which was far better than its target 15million.

30 million new connections were distributed under this scheme till the year 2017, in which 44% were given to the SC/ST families. The main target of this scheme is to make sure that every house in the country will get the LPG connection. may it be in a city or in a village.

The target of this scheme is to distribute the 8 crore LPG connections. Which was achieved by the year 2019 but its deadline was 2020. This shows the success of this scheme. In India, 80% of families had LPG connections till the year 2018 and this number improves to 95% by the year 2019.

The reason behind it is PM Ujjawala Scheme . 44% of the distributed connections belong to the states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. This shows the reach of this scheme in the lower class of society. Because these states do not have a good record in the field of poverty and this is a universal fact. 

Benefits of PM Ujjawala Scheme

If I had to describe this scheme in a single word I use a Hindi idiom for this. Which is ‘aam ke aam guthliyon ke daam’. Because this scheme proved itself a boon not just only for women but for the environment also.

Because of this scheme cooking time of the women will decrease and they will use their left time in productive activities and this will increase their financial condition also.

Because in rural areas women spend much of their daytime in cooking and picking sticks for next meal’s cooking. But after this scheme, they will save their extra time and effort and use it in other productive activities like small and home industries. Which makes them financially strong and it will boost their local economy also.

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Which will lay the foundation for the whole society’s development. Not using woods, coal and other stuff will improve the health of the environment. Which is very important for this earth and all living creatures on it.

Burning all these things release the smoke which contains CO2 or carbon dioxide. Which is warming the temperature of our earth. This is called the Greenhouse effect.

It is covering our earth like a blanket in which heat enters easily but can’t go outside. That’s why our earth’s temperature is increasing, which is very harmful to our next generations. Another benefit of this scheme seems on the environment.

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If we are talking about the environment then how can we forget about health? And this scheme is proven itself stone of mile in this sector. Because smoke produced by cooking is very harmful to women’s health this is the main reason for their worsening health conditions. Our society ignores it very easily. 

Harms caused by burning for cooking

According to WHO every year 5 lakh peoples died in India because of biofuels used in cooking. And most of them are unspreadable diseases like heart diseases, stroke, chronic observatory pulmonary diseases, and lung cancer, etc.

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Air is polluted in the house caused by smoke and this air pollution is the reason behind the acute respiratory disease in children. According to experts cooking an hour in choolahas is equal to smoking 400 cigarettes. And this thing is not necessary to tell that how harmful is cigarettes to our health.

Some flaws of the PM Ujjawala Scheme

Like if there is a god then there is evil also if a fire exists then water too, means motto of the saying is that every coin had two sides. Just like this, this scheme also has its advantages and flaws. And the first of them is black marketing. Because most of the beneficiaries of this scheme are financially not strong.

So they will get an LPG connection via this scheme easily but they can’t refill it due to increasing prices of refilling. So they turned back to the traditional fuels for cooking. According to statics, every year refilling orders are decreasing. The average of this was 2.98% in 2018-19. While it was 3.4% in 2017-18.

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Every year BPL families orders only three to four refills from the 3.8 crore consumers of PM Ujjawala Scheme If someone held the connection for more than one year till December 2018. 17.4% of them do not order a refill again 33.15% of the orders only 1 to 3 three cylinders per year which show that half of the consumers uses only three to four cylinders per year.

2.8 crore consumers are with the single connections and they order from 2 to 20 refills. This kind of use is impossible in domestic uses. Which means all these cylinders are being used in commercial places like hotel and restaurants. Which clearly shows the black marketing of gas cylinders.

According to a survey that occurred on the 1662 consumers, 35.4% of them using biofuels between April 2016 to December 2018, which is cheaper than LPG and easily available. In India, most of the refill stations are in cities or urban areas. Very few of them are located in rural areas.

That’s why the numbers of refilling are very low in the rural areas. Distributers know this and takes advantage of this they provide LPG cylinders at high prices in rural areas. However, everything has its virtues and vices but this scheme is really an admirable step by the Indian government towards clean energy.

This is just the first few steps towards the target of clean energy. However, this is increasing the black-marketing but this is empowering women also. Helped in the protection of the environment and it is very obvious that if the environment improves, then human health also improves.

Pradhanmantri PM Ujjawala Scheme is an admirable step towards clean energy. But need some improvements so that people encourage to use clean energy and protect their environment and themselves also. 

Beneficiaries of the PM Ujjawala Scheme 

  • If you wanted to take benefit of this then your name must be in the SECC-2011 statics.
  • Only women will get the benefit of this scheme. 
  • Beneficiary women of this scheme must belong to the BPL family.
  • For taking advantage of this a woman must have a bank account. 
  • The beneficiary’s family does not hold a connection already.
  • For a connection in PM Ujjawala Yojana, one must have a BPL rashan card.

How can you get the benefit of PM Ujjawala Scheme

Do you know about pradhanmantri jeevan jyoti beema yojana?

For a connection in PM Ujjawala Scheme any women from the BPL family can apply. For registration under this, you have to fill a KYC form and attach a copy of the aadhar card and two photos with it and submit it to your nearest LPG center.

With this, you have to give the details of your address and Jan Dhan bank account. You have to choose between the 14.2kg cylinder or the 5 kg cylinder in your form. You can download the form from the official website of PM Ujjawala yojana or you can get it from your nearest LPG center. 

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