Lucky Grahak Scheme
Lucky Grahak Scheme

Lucky grahak scheme as you will get the idea of from its name it is a lucky draw scheme. Indian government started this scheme for promoting cashless transactions. However, this scheme is now abandoned. To know about this read this article till the end.

Lucky grahak scheme 2024 

Indian government started this scheme to encourage peoples to do more cashless transactions. In this scheme which consumers used, cashless modes to pay their bills will get a reward for this. The time period of this scheme was between the 25th December 2016 to the 14th April 2017.

Between this period those who used cashless modes will get certain gifts on a daily and weekly basis. This scheme is not just only for consumers merchants or businessmen can also take advantage of it.

Eligibility criteria for this scheme

  • All transactions from consumers to merchants, consumers to government, and all AEPS before November 8, 2017. 
  • RUPay card and BHIM UPI users can also get benefits from this. 
  • Transactions between rupees 50 to 3000. 

Rewards under lucky grahak scheme 

Daily rewards for consumers

  • Every day 15000 normal consumers were given 1000 rupees.
  • On weekly basis, some selected persons were got the reward of 1 lakh, 10 thousand, and 5 thousand. 

Rewards for merchants 

Merchants were given the rewards of 50 thousand, 5 thousand, and 2.5 thousand rupees on weekly basis. 

Mega draw 

The mega draw was given on 14th April.

Indian government started the PM wani scheme for better internet connectivity.

  • Normal consumers were got the three big prizes in mega draw. The amount of these prizes were 1 crore, 50 lakh, and 25 lakh rupees.
  • Amounts for merchants in the mega draw were 50 lakh, 25 lakh, and 12 lakh rupees.

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The main motive of this scheme was to encourage digital transactions. And it was quite successful in it. 

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