Go Electric Campaign,
Go Electric Campaign,

In today’s perspective, the way in which humans are dependent on fossil fuels is a very dangerous situation. And this human race indicates the danger about this situation by the unlimited excavation of fossil fuels.

However, the government is very well aware about this and understands the seriousness of this too and the very fresh example of this is the Go Electric Campaign. If you want to know more about this then you have to read this article till the end.

Official information of Go Electric Campaign

Scheme NameGo electric Campaign
Date of starting19th February 2021
Started byMr. Nitin Gadkari
AimDecreasing the dependents on fossil fuels

Go Electric Campaign 2024

Go Electric Campaign is started for decreasing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels for energy. This movement seems to be like an arrow to kill two sparrows. Because of this movement, usages of fossil fuels will be reduced and the result of this is a decrease in pollution which is very good for the environment.

And the second one is about the fiscal deficit of India because the increase in India’s fiscal deficit is due to the import of petroleum products. Now if the government is making electricity an alternative to petroleum products then this will save money that the government used for importing crude oil.

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Aims of the Go Electric Campaign

  • Go Electric Campaign is started with some aims which are given below
  • The very first and the most important aim of this movement is to minimize the harmful side effects of the usage of fossil fuels so that we can stop hurting ourselves with the things that we bought from our own money.
  • Second thing is that there is unlimited potential in the electric auto sector in our country which we can utilize for our benefit.
  • The third aim of this is to stop the harmful side effects of fossil fuels that are harming the natural components of the environment.

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Benefits that country will get from Go Electric Campaign

  • The country will get many gifts from going electric movement few of them are mentioned below
  • As we had already mentioned above in this article, India spends a lot on the import of petroleum products approximately 8 lakh crores per annum. This is the main reason behind the fiscal deficit of India because the average per annum fiscal deficit of India is 10 to 11 lakh crores. And this movement will reduce some amount from it.
  • Electric energy spreads less pollution than conventional fuel sources which would be helpful in the conservation of the environment.
  • Which people are using LPG cylinders for cooking they will save more money through the use of electricity for cooking purposes.
  • Air pollution will reduce through the increasing usage of electricity for energy purposes.

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It is very important to prepare the country for the future, in which the Go Electric campaign will prove to be effective. Because where the country is progressing quadrupled day and night, it does not have much energy to walk on that path.

In such a situation, there is also the fear of exhausting sources of decay energy or fossil fuels, which can be replenished through renewable energy such as hydropower and solar energy. The government understands this and this is the reason why the Go Electric campaign was launched in the country.

This article ends here, if the information given has worked or you like it, then share it and send us your suggestions through the comment box.

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