Indira Rasoi Scheme
Indira Rasoi Scheme

Today India is one of the five biggest economies in the world. But that’s not meant that everything is right here, but you can say that things are pretty better from the previous conditions. Here we are talking about the poverty and hunger-related problems of the country.

This problem still does not end in this country, but we have succeeded in decreasing it. And for coming to this position many welfare programs were run and many are running.

And in this episode, one more step is taken by the Rajasthan government by starting Indira rasoi yojana. So that those people will get at least food two times a day which are not able to provide food to themselves and their families.

Official information of Indira Rasoi Scheme

Scheme NameIndira Rasoi Scheme
Started byMr Ashok Gehlot
Operated byRajasthan government
AimProvide food to those who are not able to
get it for any reasons

Indira Rasoi Scheme 2024

Rajasthan government’s chief minister Mr Ashok Gehlot started this scheme with a pledge that no one will sleep hungry in the state. On August 20, 2020, this scheme is started with all city bodies in the state with 358 kitchens. This scheme is named after that great person which spent her whole life for the rise of the poor and the underprivileged.

Under this scheme, the state government will provide food at 8 rupees per plate to those who are not able to get it from the lack of money. And the estimates are that 50 lakhs people will get the benefit of it.

The purpose behind the start of Indira Rasoi Scheme

It’s not a hidden thing that many people died because of hunger in our country. United nation’ reports are filled with it and Rajasthan is not a black sheep in this case. Many peoples lose their life just because of hunger in this state.

These people are forced to be hungry due to unemployment and if someone has got the work to do then it is not sufficient for the need of food for their families. That’s why this scheme is started with the thought that these people will get food two times a day and no one would not die because of hunger in this state.

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Money sanctioned by the government for Indira Rasoi Scheme

For the smooth running of Indira Rasoi Scheme state government sanctioned a big amount of 100 crore rupees per year. The plate which is given under this scheme is worth rs 20 but the state government will give a grant of 12 rs that’s why per plate cost is 8 rs for the beneficiaries of it.

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Benefits of the Indira Rasoi Scheme 2024

  • From this scheme, those people will get the food that they need most.
  • And they will get it in just rupees 8.
  • This scheme will decrease the death rate from hunger in the state.
  • Under this scheme, someone who earns a very low amount like 100 or 50 rupees per day will be able to get two times food for just 16 rupees.

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Public Support in Indira Rasoi Scheme

Schemes like Indira rasoi need public support most. By Understanding this thing the state government decided that anyone any corporate/organization/firm can give financial support for this. Funds for this can be deposited in the chief minister’s help fund or can be deposited in the Indira rasoi yojana’s district-level bank account.

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Industrial/business organizations can help through CSR funds or they can take the responsibility to run a kitchen. Or anybody can sponsor food on their special occasions.

Indira Rasoi’s running responsibility

Urban bodies and housing and autonomous governance departments are responsible for the smooth running of this scheme. This department will monitor and review these kitchens of Indira rasoi yojana regularly.

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Special things about Indira Rasoi Scheme

  • In this scheme, people will get fresh, good, and nutritional food in just 8 rupees.
  • The state government will give a grant of 12 rupees in this scheme.
  • The target of Indira rasoi yojana is to provide food to 1.34 lakh persons daily and 4.37 crores annually.
  • The district-level committee is free to choose the menu and time of eating.
  • Indira rasoi’s district/state level committees will inspect and check the quality of food regularly.
  • The time of eating in this scheme is 8 am morning 1 pm afternoon and 5oclock evening to 8oclock at night.
  • The plate which is given under this scheme contains 100-gram pulse, 100 gram of vegetables, and 250 grams of chapatis and achaar.

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After the independence of our country, the hunger problem is definitely decreased but ended yet not. Many efforts are taken for ending this and this Rajasthan government’s step is not new in this episode.

This type of effort was taken in many states of our country and they were quite successful too. But every day is a new day and if this scheme wants to succeed then administrators need to be honest. Only in this condition, this scheme will be successful to fulfill its aims.

And now, in the end, some questions

In which state this scheme is implemented ?


How much does a plate cost in this scheme ?

The cost of a plate in this scheme is just 8 rupees.

What is the eating timetable under Indira rasoi ?

The time of eating in these kitchens is 8 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm.

What is the benefit ofIndira Rasoi Scheme ?

From this, those will get food which they need the most.

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