What hriday yojana is? do not go on its name because as you can see its name is hriday but it is not related to the heart or any health-related problems. In reality, the hriday scheme’s work is to conserve and develop the heritage site cities of the nation.

Hriday’s full name is Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY). This scheme is under the urban development ministry. This scheme is started for the conservation and development of the nation’s cultural heritage sites by our Prime Minister on 21st January 2015. 12 cities are selected under this scheme.

Selected cities

12 cities are selected under this scheme whose names are mentioned below


The budget of the HRIDAY Scheme

Hriday is the central government’s scheme that’s why the central government provide 100% fund to this scheme. The central government allotted 500 crore rupees for the budget of this scheme. Under this scheme, each selected city will get its separate budget. The budget provided to the cities depends on their size and population. The amount provided to the selected cities is mentioned below.

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CityAmount (crore Rs)

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Some important things of HRIDAY scheme

  • Hriday scheme’s main motive is to conserve the heritage sites and their entire system.
  • 12 cities are selected under this scheme and they are national heritage sites.
  • The budget of this scheme is 500 crore rupees which are the central government’s responsibility.
  • Cities selected under this scheme are selected by the central cultural ministry, central government and state government.
  • This scheme was started for improving water management, sanitation, electricity supply, tourist facility center in historical buildings.
  • This scheme will create attraction in foreign tourists towards India.

HRIDAY scheme’s Benefits

  • Heritage site cities selected under this scheme are already well-known tourist places but lacking tourist facilities, tourist facilities will improve after this scheme and increase tourism.
  • Cities that are selected under this scheme their residents will get new job opportunities under this scheme and their heritage and culture will get conserved.
  • This scheme will improve tourism facilities which will boost the tourism industry and economy of India.
  • You can see this scheme as an investment in the Indian economy which will appear later as growth in the tourism sector in the country.

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HRIDAY Scheme will not help only in conserving the country’s heritage sites but also conserve this country’s cultural values. With this tourism increase in India and our economy will also grow.

Today we gave you the information about the HRIDAY Scheme. If you liked this please share this with your family and friends. And if you have any suggestions for us you can suggest us in our comment box.

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