Telangana LRS Scheme formalnews
Telangana LRS Scheme formalnews

To make the state of Telangana better day by day the state government is working hard for that. And, now the state government has taken an initiative and started a new scheme and this is for all those whose work is related to land. The name of the scheme is the Telangana LRS scheme or Telangana Layout Regularization Scheme.

For this year the government has come up with some new changes for this scheme. And so today we’ll tell you all about the rules that have been changed for the Telangana LRS scheme. We’ve tried explaining the rules and regulations in a very simple way so that everyone can understand this scheme.

So, let’s discuss all the details related to the layout regularization scheme, registration process, all the rules, etc.

Official Information

NameTelangana LRS Scheme
Launched byChief Secretary of Telangana
Official website
BeneficiariesAll the citizens of the state

About Telangana LRS Scheme 2024

The Telangana LRS scheme has been working under the chief secretary of the Telangana Government who is Mr. Somesh Kumar. A lot of rules from this scheme have been modernized by the state government that is called order no 135. Now, after this amendment, the state government is going to provide 7 slabs instead of four GO NO 131.

Also, all the values of the plots have been changed accordingly to the current value in the market after regularization. And all these amendments will bring huge changes in all the land or field-related works. And, every land builder and land buyer needs to know about all the changed rules and regularization that have been updated by the government of Telangana. DPMS Telangana

All the Telangana LRS Charges 2024

Below given are the chargers of the regularization updated by the state government of Telangana:

  • For the sub-registrar cost of much less than Rs. 3,000 then per rectangular yard would be 20%.
  • All between Rs, 3,001 and Rs. 5,000 that is 30%.
  • All between Rs. 5,001 and Rs. 10,000 that is 40%.
  • And between Rs. 10,001 and Rs. 20,000 that is 50%.
  • All between Rs. 20,001 and Rs. 30,000 that is 60%.
  • And between Rs. 30,001 and Rs. 50,000 that is 80%.
  • And then above Rs. 50,000 per rectangular yard the sub-registrar fee would be one hundred percent.
  • Also, if the 10% open area is now not handy for the unapproved layout then pro-rata open house price rate at 14% of the plot price which is prevailing as on the date of registration of the plot then it’ll be collected as the replacement of the prevailing price as of 26th August 2020. CDSE Telangana
  • The layout regularization scheme (LRS) costs surround the NALA rates (for the conversion of all the agricultural to non-agricultural land use).
  • There is no need to pay separate NALA rates for all the LRS candidates.

Some Mandatory Rules

  • The width of the road should be a minimum of nine meters.
  • The width of the road would be six meters in case of any weaker section plots or layouts (less than 100 sq meters).
  • And if in case the required width of the road is not available then the required depth for widening which will be equal on both sides will be initiated and all the water bodies will be preserved.
  • If the candidate’s land involves any kind of boundary disputes, in-ceiling laws, land disputes, claims over the titles, etc then regularization is not applicable. Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme
  • Advance clearance from the district collector is required to be obtained in respect of assigned lands.
  • The candidate needs to furnish copies of the title deed/sale deed only.
  • The general power of attorney or agreement of sale would not be considered as evidence.
  • No kind of layout or development would be permitted in the bed of any kind of water body and the FTL (full tank level) of any lake, pond.

Registration Process for LRS Scheme

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of the Telangana LRS scheme.
  • A page will open where you need to select the option of ‘apply for LRS’ scheme.
  • Then a new page will open with two options ‘Indian’ and ‘NTRs’ so select according to your preference.
    Then you need to enter your mobile number and it’ll generate an OTP which you need to fill.
  • After that selection, the option of validation and an application form will open.
  • Then fill in the application form with all the required details and after that choose your payment gateway.
  • Lastly, select the option of ‘submit’ and you’ll be successfully registered. Telangana Crop Loan Waiver Scheme

Check your Application Status

  • Start by visiting the official website of the Telangana LRS scheme.
  • A new page will open on your screen then select the option of ‘know your application status.
  • Again, a new page will open wherein you need to enter your acknowledgment number.
  • And then just select the ‘submit’ option and you’ll be able to see your application status. Also Read : Telangana Health Card Scheme

Contact details

  • Office number: 040 2330 2150
  • Fax number: 040 2330 2151
  • Address: Municipal Administration & Urban Development
    640, AC Guards, Masab Tank
    Opposite PTI Building
    Hyderabad 500 004


And this was all for this article we have tried giving all the detailed information about the Telangana LRS Scheme and what all updates have been made by the government for the regularization of the scheme. Also Read : Telangana Meeseva Portal

We hope this article is informative for all of you. In case you have any questions you can ask in the comments. Thank you!

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