Gahra Samudra abhiyaan
Gahra Samudra abhiyaan

Gahra Samudra Abhiyaan or the deep sea campaign was granted permission from the central cabinet on 17 June 21.

As you can take an idea about its objectives by its name. This campaign could be a booster for many industrial sectors. In this post, we are going to give you all details about this campaign. Like what is it? Why was started? What are its benefits etc? 

Official information about the scheme 

Scheme Name Gahra samudra abhiyaan (deep ocean campaign)
Starting date 17th June 2021 
Nodal ministry Ministry of earth science 
Objectives Finding potential resources in the ocean floor and
developing technology for deep ocean exploring 
Official Website MOES

Gahra Samudra abhiyaan (Deep Sea campaign) 2024

The central cabinet granted permission to Gehra Samudra Abhiyaan for finding potential resources on the deep seafloor. This campaign is started for finding potential resources on the ocean floor.

Also for giving a boost in the development of ocean technology too. This campaign will be implemented step by step in the next 5 years. The idea of this campaign was presented by the ministry of earth science. 

The budget allotted to Gahra Samudra Abhiyaan (deep-sea campaign)

The total estimated budget of the deep sea campaign is 4,077 crore rupees. The estimated budget of the first phase (which will lasts three years between 2021 to 2024)of this campaign is 2823.4 crore rupees. 

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Components of the deep-sea campaign 

There are six components of this campaign that are very important. The name of them are here:

  1. Development of technologies for deep-sea mining and manned submarines 
  2. Development of ocean climate change advisory services 
  3. Technological innovation for exploration and conservation of the deep-sea biodiversity
  4. Deep-sea surveying and exploration 
  5. Energy and freshwater from the ocean 
  6. Advance marine stations for ocean biology 

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Objectives of Gahra Samudra Abhiyaan 

The objectives of this campaign are given below:

  • The main motto of this campaign is to find potential resources on the deep ocean floor. Like petroleum, gas reserves, and many more useful minerals, etc. 
  • Finding these things in such a harsh environment is not child’s play. That’s why this campaign is going to be responsible for the development of our ocean exploring technologies like submarines. 
  • Another priority of the deep sea campaign is to find the biodiversity of the deep seafloor. 
  • Finding is not just the only task of this campaign. Technological innovation for reserving oceanic biodiversity is included in its to-do list too. 
  • Marking those places which are the potential place of finding resources. 

Benefits of Deep-sea Campaign 

  • First of all, our country will find some more new resources for biological energy.
  • Because of this campaign, we will develop a technology to make a submarine for exploring the ocean into 6km deep. Only a few countries are able to do so.
  • We may find some new species and develop a better understanding of oceanic biodiversity and maybe we can use it to protect them. 
  • Because of this deep-sea campaign, many industrial sectors will provide job opportunities to the unemployed in many sectors. Like building ships and submarines and other many more things related to them. 

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