Mission Bhagirath
Mission Bhagirath

Mission Bhagirath was started in Telangana. This is a drinking water scheme, started for supplying safe tap water for drinking in those areas which are lacking it.

This is a brain seed of Telangana’s chief minister k. Chandrashekhar and his dream project. What is the work of this scheme? what are its benefits? For knowing all of this you must read this article till the end.

What is mission Bhagirath 2024 ?

Mission Bhagirath is a project started for supplying safe drinking water in the state’s every city and village. The credit goes to chief minister k. Chandrashekhar for starting this.

In this scheme Godavari and Krishna rivers will supply the drinking water. This scheme was started in the Medak district. 

Scheme Name Mission Bhagirath 
Started on 7th August 2016 
Started by K. Chandrashekhar 
Target Supplying safe drinking for the entire state

Budget of the mission Bhagirath 

For the proper operation of this mission state government allotted a massive amount of 43,791 crore rupees. This is a very big number for a state government. Which shows the importance of this mission.

How many peoples will get the benefit from this?

This scheme will facilitate the 2.32 crore peoples of the state. From those 2.32 crore peoples, 20 lakh families live in the urban areas and 60 lakh families live in the rural areas. Those all peoples will get its benefit. 

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In which quantity under mission Bhagirath how many rivers provide water for it?

State’s two biggest rivers Krishna and Godavari will provide the water for this scheme. These both rivers are the biggest source of water in the state. For this project, 19.65 thousand million cubic feet water is taken from the state’s biggest river Godavari. Krishna state’s second-biggest river will give 19.62 thousand million cubic feet water to it. 

  • State’s two biggest rivers are being interlinked with the state’s water reservoirs so that required water will be reserved safely and used for supply. 
  • The length of the pipelines laid under this mission is 1 lakh 30 thousand kilometers. 
  • Optical lines are also laid with water pipelines under this mission.
  • For the proper operation of this project, the Telangana government established Telangana drinking water supply corporation limited (TDWSCL).
  • Under this mission 150 water treatment plants, 62 pumping stations, 35, 573 overhead service reservoirs, and 27 intek walls were established. 

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Mission Bhagirath is a huge project for a massive amount of thirsty peoples. And this project will not let them down. 


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