Farm Bills 2020
Farm Bills 2020

Today’s topic is a burning issue in India which is attracting the whole world towards it. Yes, you all guessed it right we are talking about the New farm bill 2020. So today we will take a look at this bill and see what is in this bill.

Farm Bills 2020

Farm bill 2020 was passed by parliament’s both houses in September 2020. There are three acts in this bill. So let’s take a look at what provisions are made in these acts.

1. Farmer produce trade and commerce (promotion and simplification)

According to the provisions of this act, farmers can sell their crops out of the agricultural produce market committee. An E-trading system will be developed for farmers so they can sell their agricultural products online and save their transportation expenses.

2. Farmer (empowerment and protection) agreement on price assurance and agricultural services

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Linking farmers directly to big companies, processing units, exporters, organized and retailer salespersons. Contracting with the traders by fixing the prices of agricultural products in advance. Giving the benefit of contract farming to those farmers who have less than 5 hectares of agricultural land.

3. Essential things ( Amendment )

Grains, pulses, and vegetables are removed from the list of essential things. Except for wartime the limit of stocks of these things is not set.

Benefits of this farm bills 2020

Benefits of the farm bill are given below

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  1. According to the farmer produce trade and commerce (promotion and simplification), act farmers are free for the trade of their agricultural products anywhere in the country out of APMC. before this act farmers sold their crops at APMC markets. But after this act farmers are free to sell their crops anywhere according to their wish. The second benefit of this act is that farmers can save their transportation expenses through e-trading. Maybe e-trading can be a new thing for farmers because they were used to sell agricultural products in markets. But after e-trading, they can save their transportation expenses through the online trade of their crops.
  2. In the Farmer (empowerment and protection) agreement on price assurance and agricultural services act there is a provision for farmers to directly link them to big companies, processing units, exporters, and organized and retailer salespersons. This act provides farmers a better environment for contract farming. This act gives power to farmers to set the price of their crops in advance with their contractors. And with this, they will also get the benefit from their contractors through new techniques and farming tools they provide.
  3. Essential things (amendment) act removes grains, pulses, and vegetables from the list of the essential things. Now there is no limit on their stockings. This will increase the cold storage capacity. And this will also decrease the chance of wasting these crops.

Doubts in the new Farm Bill 2020

  • The first doubt is about this bill’s first act that if farmers sell their crops out of markets then state governments will lose a great amount of revenue from these markets. All commission agents will lose their jobs. If agricultural products will not be sold in the APMC markets then the MSP system will die.
  • The doubt in the second act is that contracts made in the contract farming is always in the favor of the traders and farmers being the weak side cannot do anything about that. Because of this agriculture sector will go into the hands of big corporate families.
  • The doubt in the essential things (amendment) act is that removing grains, pulses, and vegetables from the list of the essential things will increase the illegal stockings of these things. Because of this price of these things will be out of reach of the common man.

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Here we give you whole information about the new farm bill. You can read our other articles for this kind of information. If you liked it then you can share this with your family and friends. And if you have any suggestion then you can suggest us in our comment box.

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