prime minister krishi sinchayee scheme
prime minister krishi sinchayee scheme

Primeminister krishi sinchayee scheme , Most of our country’s economy is dependent on agriculture, so our India country is also known as an agricultural country, due to the ever-increasing population, the demand for food grains is increasing every year. Therefore, to make the country’s economy strong, we need to produce good quality inside the country. This is the reason why the Prime Minister of the country has started this scheme related to agriculture.

Today, we are going to give you complete information about the Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme. In this article, we are going to talk about, what is the Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme and how can you take advantage of this scheme so that you can also grow the yield in your field.

Farmers have to face a money shortage, that is why the number of farmers committing suicide every year in the country is increasing.

That is why the government wants the farmers to have full rights for their hard work so that they are not forced to commit suicide.

About the plan

  • Name of the scheme: Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme
  • Started by: PM Narendra Modi 
  • Launch Year: 2015
  • Beneficiary: Farmers
  • Application process: Online


  1. Purchase of equipment for irrigation to farmers
  2. Subsidy on purchase of equipment for benefit irrigation

Category: Central Government Schemes

Official Website:

The government is taking new steps to develop the country. So in the last few years, there has been some development in every field. One of these areas is also in agriculture, in which the government works from time to time for the benefit of farmers and the country. Has also been organizing so that farmers can know about the ways of producing good crops, know about the use of water, and get the right information about food to keep the crop safe.

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What is the purpose of the primeminister krishi sinchayee scheme

The main objective of the Agricultural Irrigation Scheme is that people can be attracted to invest in the irrigation department so that arable land can be used properly and a good crop can be produced on that land.

The objective of the government to start this scheme is that there is more expansion of land for farming and this problem can be eliminated only when the farmers have good means of irrigation.

In this scheme, the government will also urge farmers to pay attention to how wastewater should be used for irrigation. So that there is no loss to the crop and crops can get a sufficient amount of water, this will also save water from the process.

In this scheme, the government will also pay attention to how to use the country’s water properly so that water can be used and water wastage is reduced. And crops can get plenty of water and farmers can also understand the importance of water so that they can prevent water wastage.

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Eligibility for PM Krishi Sinchayee Scheme

  • To avail of this scheme, it is necessary for the farmers to have arable land as they can avail of the benefits of this scheme only for those who have land for agriculture.
  • The farmers of all sections of the country will be able to avail of the benefits of this scheme.
  • The benefit of the PM Krishi Irrigation Scheme will be available to those institutions and farmers who have been cultivating the land under a lease agreement for the last seven years, this eligibility can also be obtained from contract farming.
  • Under the Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, self-help groups, trusts, co-operative societies, incorporated companies, members of productive farmer groups and members of other eligible institutions will also be provided benefits.

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The expenditure in the PrimeMinister krishi sinchayee scheme

  • Under the Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, in the high-altitude agricultural areas, the Central Government will bear 90 percent of the expenditure and the State Governments will bear 10 percent of the expenditure.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, the irrigation plan at the district and state level is to make water accessible to the farmers’ fields so that the farmers do not have any problem with irrigation in the fields.
  • Under the Prime Minister’s Agricultural Irrigation Scheme – to expand arable land. And to manage irrigation for extended land. So that all the citizens living in the country do not have any problem related to food.
  • Under the Prime Minister’s Agricultural Irrigation Scheme – Replenishment of reservoirs, rainwater harvesting, use of water by stopping the flow, implementation of drip and sprinkler program. Is so that farmers do not have the problem of water for irrigation.
  • Under the Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, wherever there is a shortage of water for irrigation, the distribution will be corrected. Groundwater development, the goal of transporting water through lift irrigation. Is In the true sense, this scheme performs both important tasks like providing timely water to every farm and preventing wastage of available water.

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Documents required for Prime Minister’s krishi sinchayee scheme

  1. Applicant Farmer’s Aadhaar Card
  2. Identity card of applicant farmer
  3. Farmers’ land documents
  4. Captive land
  5. Applicant farmer bank account passbook
  6. Passport size photo of applicant farmer
  7. Applicant Farmer’s Mobile Number
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