Setu Bharatam scheme
Setu Bharatam scheme

Setu Bharatam scheme was started for the smooth running of transportations. Because under this scheme bridges are built over railway crossings and national highways.

So that our country will come over from traffic’s problem with this by road traveling time will also be reduced. You will get the whole information about setu Bharatam in this article.

Setu Bharatam scheme 2024

Under the setu Bharatam scheme, new bridges are constructed and old ones are being repaired. With this new railway crossing and new bridges are built over them. Under this new bridges are built on national highways for decreasing traffic and extra load on them.

Even this will also decrease the traveling time. Road transport is like the blood veins of a country and Setu Bharatam will assure good blood circulation in these veins.

Official information of Setu Bharatam

Country : – India
Ministry : – Central road transport and highway ministry
Date of implementation : – 4th march 2016

When was the Setu Bharatam scheme started ?

Setu Bharatam scheme was started by prime minister Narendra Modi on the 4th of march 2016.

The budget of Setu Bharatam project

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The central government sanctioned a budget of 102 billion for setu bharatam. The noticeable thing here is that one billion is equal to 100 crores so you can imagine how big is the budget of this scheme.

Scheme’s information

Under setu bharatam scheme 208 bridges are being built in which railway overbridge and underbridges are also included. Under this scheme, 300 million rupees will be spent on repairing old bridges.

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Number of bridges built in States under Setu Bharatam

The number of bridges built in states under setu bharatam are given below

State Name Number of bridges State Name Number of bridges
Andhra Pradesh33Maharashtra12
Himachal Pradesh5Uttarakhand2
Jharkhand11Uttar Pradesh9
Karnataka17West Bengal22
Madhya Pradesh6

Objectives of Setu Bharatam

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The aim of this scheme is to make all national highways railway crossings free till 2019. So that accidents from there are being stopped and this will decrease the loss of life and wealth. With this making road transport safer and faster is also this scheme’s aim.

Under the Setu Bharatam scheme, all national highways will be free from railway crossings till 2019.
In Uttar Pradesh’s Noida central ministry for road transport and highways set an Indian bridge management system (IBMS) for setu bharatam project.

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its work is surveying all bridges over national highways through mobile surveying units.

In this scheme improving the quality of bridges is a primary thing because our nation still remembers the wound given by low-quality bridges.


Setu Bharatam is a development scheme in the real sense because this will develop many sectors at a time. This scheme will produce employment with this it will also improve road transport and its basic infrastructure. This will also increase the business activities because good transport means advanced business.

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In this article we give you the whole information about setu bharatam. If you liked it then do share with others and keep giving us suggestions through the comment box.

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