Nagar Van Scheme
Nagar Van Scheme

Climate change is the biggest problem in the world in present conditions. The whole world is trying its level best to overcome this problem. India to taking steps towards a solution to this problem.

In this order, the government started a scheme named Nagar van yojana 2020. In this article, you will get the whole information about this scheme.

Nagar Van Scheme 2024

Nagar van yojana is the demand of present conditions because the whole world and our country are standing in that position which is so scary and the only way to come out of it is to stop playing dirty games with the environment.

That’s why this scheme was started in the cities because they are the main point of pollution and all the stuff that harms the environment. This scheme is started with the thought of a city in which forests or at least some places with green patches will consume all the co2 produced by the cities.

This is also the reason behind the name of this scheme.

Official information about Nagar van Scheme

Scheme NameNagar van scheme
Started byCentral government
Starting date5th June 2020
MinistryCentral ministry of forest, environment and climate change
MinisterMr Prakash javdekar
Aims Expend and development of forest areas in the cities

Start of Nagar Van Scheme 2024

Nagar van scheme was started by the central minister of environment Mr Prakash javdekar on world environment day 5th June 2020. When this scheme was implemented, the entire world and India are fighting against the covid19. This is the reason why Mr javdekar start this scheme through the digital medium.

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Objectives of Nagar Van Scheme

  • Developing at least one forest area in every selected city under this scheme.
  • Spreading awareness about local animals and plants and local biodiversity and their importance in that so that we can protect them better.
  • Fasten the protection of local flora and fauna and their importance in the local ecology by providing enough information about them.
  • Making the polluted environment of the cities livable.
  • Spread a concept among the city residents that a green patch or city forest is like a lung of their place and if it got destroyed or got a disease then they will also not be able to breathe.
  • The outline of all of this stuff is that making city’s environment pure and clean, good for living standards.

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Importance of Nagar Van Scheme

  • Lots of animals and plants are found only in India with this India is also a very rich bio-diverse country. There are 35 bio-diverse hotspots in the entire world and 4 of them are located in India. And their protection is very important.
  • By the time of their development cities pushed all their local animals and plants to extinction.
  • Increasing level of pollution makes city’s conditions harmful for living.
  • This scheme is also helpful in storing extra quantities of carbon sinks.
  • Apart from all that country will get a benefit from this scheme through the increase in the forest areas in the whole country.

The working style of the Nagar Van Scheme

The Forest ministry will give money to the related agency for the development of forest areas in the cities. They will also encourage them for taking areas of these forests to 100 hectares. But the minimum area of these forests should be 20 hectares.

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Nagar van scheme is a very important scheme. With this, this can be the aid of all environment-related problems. All this needed is support from the public and if this happens then this scheme will be very successful in fulfilling its aims.

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