Save Daughter Educate Daughter 2024

Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on 22 January 2015 to raise the standard of living of the girls of the country and showing their future the right path. Girls who cannot study due to poverty or any other reason within the country can take advantage of this scheme.

If any family wants to take advantage of this scheme for the girls of their home, then they will have to open their daughter’s bank account under Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme. You can open this account anytime from the birth of your daughter till the age of 10.

You can also open the accounts of daughters opened under this Scheme in any government bank or post office. Under this scheme, you will have to deposit a fixed amount in your daughter’s account from birth to age 14.

After this, you can withdraw 50% of this deposit even after the girl’s age of 18 years, you can spend that amount in the girl’s studies, in addition to this, after the girl is 21 years of age, you can also withdraw the entire amount for her marriage.

Save Daughter Educate Daughter

Highlights of Save Daughter, Educate Daughter

Scheme Name Save Daughter Educate Daughter
Started byPrime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
Launch date22 January 2015
ObjectiveTo raise the standard of living of girls
Department Women and Child Development

Goals of Save Daughter Educate Daughter

The sex ratio of girls in India has been steadily decreasing since the year 1991. There were 945 girls for every 1000 boys, so by 2011, this number has reached 918, which is a serious concern.

It is very important to keep the sex ratio equal for any country to develop fully. Otherwise, there would be a lot of rape cases in India. These rape cases have been a growing for the past several years. Those who are finding it very difficult to stop.

There is a big difference in the sex ratio of 21 states and the union territories of our country. If it is district level, out of about 640 districts of the country, 429 districts pay attention to the declining sex ratio. Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Panipat on 22 January 2015.

The budget of about 100 crores has been passed by the government to reach the benefit of this scheme to the public.

Main three goals of Save Daughter Educate Daughter

  • Prevention of gender-biased sex-selective elimination
  • Ensuring survival & protection of the girl child
  • Ensuring education & participation of the girl child

Advantages of Save Daughter Educate Daughter

  1. The biggest benefit of this scheme will be the girls who are killed in the womb before they are born.
  2. Under this scheme, the prohibition on female feticide will not reduce the sex ratio of boys and girls.
  3. Under this scheme, girls will be given full right to read, which will reduce discrimination significantly.
  4. To get the benefit of this scheme, you can open your daughter’s account in any government bank from her birth till the age of ten years.
  5. Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme is a good scheme for the safety and education of girls.
  6. From the amount deposited under this scheme, you can spend from the girl’s education to marriage.

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Important documents of the girl for Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme

  • Birth Certificate of Girl
  • Girl’s Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Girl’s Passport Size Photo
  • Identity certificate of the girl’s parents
  • Girl’s Parents Address Proof

Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme returns after depositing funds

To avail this scheme, you have to deposit a premium amount from the birth of the girl to 14 years. So that you can get the girl’s education after 18 years of the girl’s money.

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The time of this entire scheme is 21 years, after that the scheme will stop and you will be given the full amount based on the premium amount fixed for the scheme.

If you make a return amount after depositing one thousand rupees per month in the bank.

If you deposit 1000 rupees per month under this scheme then your amount will be paid every year.

12 thousand rupees will be deposited.

That is, in 14 years, you have to deposit an amount of about Rs. 1, 68000. After completion of the scheme, you will be given Rs 6 lakh 7 thousand one hundred 28.

If you deposit 5 lakh rupees every year, then according to this, in the next 14 years. Twenty-one lakh rupees will be deposited in your daughter’s account.

After the completion of this scheme, the bank will provide you an amount of Rs 72 lakh.

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How to apply online under Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme

To take advantage of this scheme, you have to first go to your nearest government bank or post office with the girl’s papers and your papers.

From there, you will have to fill the form, in which you will have to fill all the important information about the girl’s parents and the girl. After filling all the information, attach all the necessary documents and the form, and submit it in this way.

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  • To apply online in this scheme, you have to visit the official website of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • On the homepage of this website you will see the option of Women Empowerment Scheme, you have to click on this option.
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you, here you have to click on the option of Save Daughter Educate Daughter Scheme.
  • A new page will open again in front of you, and here you there will be all the terms and conditions the scheme. You have been given a form to apply in the scheme, which you can apply by filling all the necessary information.
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