Khelo India Youth Games
Khelo India Youth Games

Khelo India Youth Games was launched in the year 2018. The main objective of this scheme is to revive the sports culture. It was launched by Sports Minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. This program is organized every year in the month of January.

All the schools and college children of the country can participate in this program. The objective of Khelo India Youth Games is to promote maximum sports among the youth of the country. So that India can be made a great sports nation.

The history of India has been good in the field of sports, we have seen more than one player in the country. India’s record has not been very good in sports other than cricket and hockey. It is not that our country lacks talent for other sports.

Rather, it is very challenging for the players to perform well due to lack of proper arrangements. Due to all these problems, many Indian players perform well.

Today we are going to give you complete information about Khelo India era game in this article, so if you also want to get the right information about this scheme, then read this article completely.

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Highlights of Khelo India Program

  • When was it started- December 2018
  • Who can participate – School, College, University Students
  • Online portal –
  • Launched by – Ministry of Sports
  • Main dates (Games dates) – 18 January to 30 January
  • Where is in 2020 (Venue)- Guwahati, Assam
  • Reward- Rs. 5 lakhs and training, up to 8 years

List of Khela organized in Khelo India Youth Game

The Khelo India Youth Games launched by the government include kho-kho, kabaddi, shooting, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, weightlifting, athletics, archery, basketball, boxing, badminton, cycling, volleyball, wrestling, and chess, Sports include football, gymnastics, hockey, handball, judo, karate, etc. Every year 1000 children will be selected under Khelo India.

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Types of Khelo India Youth Games 2021

  1. Annual sports competition
  2. Community coaching development
  3. School children physical
  4. Playground development
  5. To promote rural and tribal sports.
  6. Games for peace and development
  7. Promoting sports among people with disabilities.
  8. State level sports india center
  9. Sports for women

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Some Important features of Khelo India Youth Games

  • Except one or two sports in our country, the future is less visible in other sports. A very small number of people in rural areas want to make their careers in sports, due to which the talents of our country completely fail to come out. Therefore, the image of our country is very slow internationally.
  • To improve its image, the government has launched the Khelo India Youth Game, through which the government will provide good facilities to all those players who want to make a career in sports by moving from poor families, then the scheme can be a better option for you. 
  • The number of players has been determined by the Indian Sports Ministry as only one thousand. In the one thousand players of this scheme, only those players will be selected who will really deserve it. All these players will be provided training on government expenses so that they can be selected for the upcoming Olympic Games.
  • Under this scheme, arrangement has been made to give scholarship to the players selected for the next eight years to improve their game to any player.
  • Scholarship to be given to sportspersons under Khelo India from the Government of India will be given to meet the requirements of food, physical supplies and sports equipment. Apart from this, the central government will spend up to 5 lakh rupees per year on a player.
  • Under the Khelo India Youth Game, such players will be prepared, who have the power to expose the talent of the country at the international level, for this, the players will also be given money for preparation from the government. Behind all this, the goal of the central government is not just to promote the players but to highlight the game in the whole country.

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Documents required for Khelo India Youth Games

To avail the Khelo India Youth Games, 

  1. Applicants must be Indian.
  2. the applicant must be a student of any school or college.
  3. Students who are currently under 17 years of age can participate in the under-17 sports category and students who are under 21 years of age and above 17 years of age can participate in the under-21 category category. 
  4. Applicant Aadhar card.
  5. Bank account passbook of applicant 
  6. Applicant’s student’s birth certificate or school certificate
  7. Identity Certificate of the applicant
  8. Passport size photo of the applicant

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Objective of Khelo India Youth Game 2021

Khelo India program was launched by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to promote Khelo in India. The objective of starting the Khelo India Youth Game of the Central Government is to increase the skills of the children of schools and college and to help develop the spirit of the sports team. The development of Khelo is very important for strengthening any nation.

Therefore, the aim of the Khelo India Youth Game by the coming year 2021 is to train the youth who are interested in sports and want to make their career in sports.

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Khelo India Youth Game 2021

  1. Annual sports competition
  2. Community coaching development
  3. School children physical
  4. Playground development
  5. To promote rural and tribal sports.
  6. Games for peace and development
  7. Promoting sports among people with disabilities.
  8. State-level sports India center
  9. Sports for women

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How to apply for Khelo India Youth Game

To apply for Khelo India Youth Game (Khelo India), you will have to register the player by visiting the official website of Khelo India Game

Here you will have to fill all the player-related information in the form provided such as player’s name, player’s father’s name, player’s mobile number, email id player’s date of birth, educational qualification, sports played by the player Name, place of residence, etc.

After filling all this information, your application will be submitted. You will get to know whether you have been selected under the Khelo India game or by mobile SMS or email.

In this article, we have given you complete information about the Khelo India Youth Game, how any player can take advantage of this campaign, in this article we have told you what is the Khelo India game and what to participate in the game.

If you also want to take advantage of this scheme, what are the benefits, then you have to take care of it so that you do not have any problem of any kind if you have liked this information, then you can also tell us your opinion in the comment box. 

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If you have any kind of question on Khelo India Youth Game, then you can ask your question through comments and also share this article with other players so that they too can get to know about this.

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