One Rank One Pension
One Rank One Pension

One rank one pension is a scheme related to the pension issues of the ex-Army men. In this scheme, the government has implemented the demands of the ex-Armymen of the same pension for the same rank. This scheme is very important for the retired officers and jawans of the army. Let’s take a look at this scheme in detail. 

One Rank One Pension 2024

Under the One rank, one pension scheme government gives the same pension to the retired officers from the same rank. Before this scheme, there is a huge gap between the pension of the retired army men before 2006 and after 2006. This scheme is started to fill that gap after this, retired officers of the same rank will get the same pension. 

Official information about One Rank One Pension

Scheme Name One rank one pension 
Started by Central government 
Starting year 2014 
Aims Provide same pension amount to the same rank’s
retired officers 
Beneficiaries Ex-army servicemen 

Why was this scheme started? 

This scheme was started after a long time of protests by retired army men. This was started because they all want the same amount of pension as their newer retired counterparts.

The amount of the pension was very low for those who were retired before 2006. Due to this difference, they all started to protest against it. Thus this scheme was started.

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Benefits of One Rank One Pension scheme 

  • The first benefit of this is, that after this scheme every retired man from the army will get the same pension as their other retired counterparts will get. 
  • If a soldier will die under this scheme then his family will get 60% amount of the total pension instead of 30 percent.
  • If an army man’s child is mentally ill then he will get the benefit of this after his marriage.
  • Retired soldiers will get the airier under this scheme.
  • Soldiers will get their due amounts just in a single payment.
  • Martyred soldier’s wives will also get the benefit of this. 
  • Soldiers taking VRS will not get the benefit of this scheme. 

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