Ayushman Sahkar Scheme
Ayushman Sahkar Scheme

India is a country with a very large population. Providing basic facilities to them is not a bed of roses. Especially health-related facilities. The country running administrators also know this thing very well. That’s why Ayushman Sahkaar yojana was started. This scheme will improve the health facilities in the rural areas of the country and improve the basic infrastructure for facilities.

Under this scheme cooperative societies will get loans from national cooperative development cooperation for increasing health facilities in the rural areas by establishing hospitals and medical colleges. From this scheme, the central government is using cooperative societies for providing health facilities(especially in rural areas). This can be a masterstroke in the future.

Official information of the Ayushman Sahkar Scheme

Scheme NameAyushman Sahkar Scheme
Starting date19th October 2020
AimProviding a loan to cooperative societies for improving
health facilities and basic infrastructure
BeneficiariesCooperative societies and common men through them

Ayushman Sahkar Scheme 2024

Ayushman Sahkar Scheme was started on 19 October 2020. A fund is launched for providing loans to cooperative societies under this scheme. Which is under the national cooperative development cooperation.

Under this, there is permission for the cooperative societies to establish a hospital or medical college in their respective regions (especially in rural). Which will increase the health facilities as well as spread them in the country’s every corner.

Allotted fund for Ayushman Sahkar Scheme 2024

The central government allotted rupees 10,000 crores fund for the ayushman sarkar yojana. These funds are under the national cooperative development cooperation, which uses these for providing loans to cooperative societies.

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Aim of the Ayushman Sahkar Scheme

The aim of the ayushman sahkar yojana is very clear. And this aim is to provide health facilities in such a big country like India. Means providing health facilities to every corner of the country to that person which stands last in the row. The only aim of this scheme is to provide health facilities to every remained area of the country so that no one died because of the shortage of health facilities.

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Health sector’s parts which are added in Ayushman Sahkar Scheme

All the sectors which are related to health facilities are added in the ayushman sahkar yojana, whose names are given here.

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  • Ayush
  • Medicine’s manufacturing
  • Homeopathy
  • Medicine’s test
  • Medicine’s shops
  • Public welfare centers

How to apply in the Ayushman Sahkar Scheme

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For applying in the ayushman sahkar yojana central government started an official website (which is given above in this article). Every cooperative society can go there to apply for loans under this scheme. You have to submit the form on this website with all the correct information. After that this process is complete.

Under this scheme cooperative societies will get the loan only from the NCDC.
Cooperative societies run by women can get loans on an interest rate of only just 1%.
This scheme is not just about the hospitals and health facilities under this scheme education and infrastructure related to it also included.

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Benefits of the Ayushman Sahkar Scheme

  • The areas where is the basic infrastructure is in the worst condition will get the most of the benefit of this scheme.
  • From this health and education facilities will spread faster in the rural areas which will be very beneficial for that area’s residents.
  • From this scheme, the government will get extra revenue from the loan’s interest.
  • The benefit of this is that money which is given by government spent on the development works, which is its right use.

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Ayushman Sahkar Scheme can help the country for running fast on the path of development. Because there still many places where state or central governments do not provide basic facilities. Peoples of that places can get these facilities by this scheme.

With this, there is also no fear of corruption, embezzlement, or scams on the money for development works. All in all this scheme utilize the government’s money in the right way, by providing basic infrastructure to those who are deprived of it.

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