AMRUT Scheme
AMRUT Scheme

AMRUT Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation is a campaign of the central government of India. This was started by prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This scheme is started for improving basic facilities in the cities of the country. The Prime minister started this scheme in 2015.

AMRUT Scheme 2024

AMRUT is the central government’s scheme. This is started for improving basic facilities in the cities of the country, and making them easily available for every citizen.

This scheme was started on 24th June 2015. This was started for making basic facilities better in cities like sewage and supply of drinking water etc. this scheme will run till 2022. 

Official information of the scheme

Scheme Name AMRUT scheme
Starting date 24 June 2015
Ministry Human resource development 
Target Improving basic facilities in the cities
Time period 7 years, 2015 to 2022

Budget of the scheme 

The central government’s target was to spend 77 thousand 640 crore rupees till 2020 on this scheme. This amount is used in the makeover of 500 cities.

Improvements that are made under the AMRUT scheme 

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  • Making sure that every home in the city will get the proper supply of drinking water.
  • Giving proper sewage connections to every house of the city.
  • For making cities beautiful developing more open and greener spaces like parks and open gardens. 
  • Encouraging citizens to walk more and for cycling so that pollution can be reduced in the cities. 
  • Supply proper electricity to those areas which are not getting it. 
  • Making garbage management better. 
  • Encourage rainwater harvesting.
  • Mange roads properly and making new roads where is their lack.

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Eligible cities for the AMRUT scheme

AMRUT scheme is a countrywide scheme. Cities are selected in every corner of the country. A standard is set for their selection, and that standard is the population of more than one lakh. This means which cities have a population of more than one lakh will get selected for this scheme. 

AMRUT scheme is an effort for making cities their best version. And this is running continuously. 

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