Rashtriya Gokul Mission
Rashtriya Gokul Mission

Rashtriya Gokul Mission was started by the central government of India. This scheme is started for making better breeds out of the local cattles. Local cow’s breed’s quality is improving by the scientific method under this scheme. So that the milk-producing capabilities of local breeds can improve. If you want to about this in detail then you must read this article till the end.

Official information of the Rashtriya Gokul Mission

Scheme Name Rashtriya Gokul Mission
Starting date 25 July 2014
Operated byIndian government
Aim Encouraging cattle breeders to use more scientific methods
in cattle breeding.
Beneficiaries Cattle breeders 

Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

This scheme was started by the Indian government. Its announcement was made by the central agricultural minister Shri Radhamohan Singh Ji on 25th July 2014. This mission is started for making the local cattle breed more superior.

This encourages cattle breeders for using more scientific methods for cattle breeding. Also with that, this scheme proved its worth in protecting cows and increasing their productivity. 

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Aims of the Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

  • Increasing scientific methods for cattle breeding.
  • Making local breeds better and conserving them.
  • Equal spread and protection of the higher breed’s oxen.
  • Making breeds of the local cow better by higher breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Lalsindhi, Devni, Rathi, Tharparkar.
  • Providing cattle breeders artificial pregnancy services for their cattles.
  • Choosing high breed oxen by genomics.

Works that are done under Rashtriya Gokul Mission for achieving its targets

  • Collective centers are made under this scheme which are called Gokul Grams.
  • Providing help to germplasm conservation institutions.
  • Making a breeder’s society or Gopalak Sangh.
  • Provide training to all workers of the local cattle development program.
  • Organize milk competitions for local breed cows regularly.

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Responsible agencies for running Rashtriya Gokul Mission

This scheme is run by the state cattle development board. Providing funds to it is the responsibility of the collective local cattle’s center. CCBF, Indian agricultural research council, cooperative societies, and gaushalas all are giving help in its smooth running.

Financial activities taking place under Rashtriya Gokul Mission

Financial activities that are taking place under Rashtriya Gokul Mission are here 

  • Increasing milk’s production 
  • Using organic fertilizer made of cow dung for agriculture and increasing its sale.
  • Producing electricity by biogas or dung gas.
  • Increasing the quality of all animal products.

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Through all these activities Rashtriya Gokul Mission can be helpful in improving the financial condition of the cattle breeders.

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