PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Scheme
PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Scheme

Prime minister mineral sector welfare scheme was started for the progress of the mining sector. It is necessary to fasten the mining sector of the country because it is one of the biggest employment giving sectors of the country.

So today we are giving you whole information about the prime minister mineral sector welfare scheme. So that if you are related to this sector then you can take advantage of this scheme.

PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Scheme 2024

Mining is the biggest employment giving activity after agriculture. The aim of this scheme is the progress of the mining so that the living style of the peoples which are related to the mining can enhance. So new amendments were made to the old mining laws in 2015 and after that, this scheme was started.

Starting date of the PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Scheme

In 2015 after the new amendments made in the old mineral act this scheme was started on 12th January 2015.


After the new amendments made in the mining laws, a district mineral foundation (DMF) was set in every district of all states. These DMFs are dedicated to using all the funds in the mining sector provided by the government. State governments held the right for making rules for these DMFs.

The budget of the Mineral Sector Welfare Scheme

The fund which the government fixes for this scheme is almost 6 thousand crores every year. The fund of this scheme is divided into two sections primary and secondary. The primary will get the 60% of all funds and the second one will get the 40% of all funds.

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Aims of the PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Scheme

  • Reducing the harmful effects of the mining activities on the peoples of that place where mining activities are taking place.
  • Providing health services to the peoples of the mining-affected areas for a long healthy life.
  • Giving those peoples all the basic facilities like education, supply of drinking water and sanitation etc which are living in the mining areas.
  • Using the rest amount of the funds in the development of the basic infrastructure like roads, bridges and railway tracks and other facilities in the mining areas.

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Sectors to which funds of PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Scheme are Granted

Funds of this scheme are granted to two sectors which are primary and secondary

Primary sectorSecondary education
Drinking water supplyIrrigation
Environment protection and pollution control stepsPhysical protection
EducationEnergy development sector
Health services
Skill devolopmant
Women and child welfare

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Other qualities of the Mineral Sector Welfare Scheme

  • The DMFs which are set under this scheme have to use 5% of their total annual amounts for the foundation’s administration and for supervision and other expenses the limit of which is set by the state governments.
  • The instructions will be cleared for the driving of those mining fields which are located in between two districts.
  • Under this scheme, every DMF has to run its own website and published its all information and statics of details publicly.
  • Every DMF’s account wiil be audited annually and included in the annual report of the government.

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After agriculture mining provides the most employment. And if this sector will improve then this will definitely effect many lives. That’s why this scheme looks like a ray of hope. This article ends here if you liked it then definitely share it and if want to give us some suggestions then you can simply comment us through the comment box.

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