Kisan suryoday Scheme
Kisan suryoday Scheme

Farmers are the backbone of the country and the government is trying continuously to strengthen this backbone. Because this country-like body needs this backbone for standing. Government is very well aware of it. That’s why it sets a target for doubling the income of farmers till 2022. And in this chain, it started Kisan suryoday yojana in Gujarat state. If you want to know everything about it then read this article till the end.

Kisan suryoday Scheme’s official information

NameKisan suryoday Scheme
Starting date24 October 2020
Started byPrime minister
Operating stateGujrat

Kisan suryoday Scheme 2024

Kisan suryoday yojana is a gift from the prime minister to the farmers of Gujarat. Gujarat is one of the semi-arid zones of our country finding water here for the irrigation of crops is not an easy task.

Being from Gujarat, the prime minister also knows about it very well. This is the reason why he starts the Kisan suryoday yojana in Gujarat. Under this scheme, farmers will get electricity for irrigation from 5 am to 9 pm in three different phases.

This scheme will be implemented in three different phases till 2024.

Kisan suryoday Scheme’s Budget

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Kisan suryoday Scheme will be implemented in a very big state and gives benefits to a very huge number of beneficiaries so it is an obvious thing that it has a big budget too.

In this scheme, farmers will get electricity for a full day in three different phases for which a very big infrastructure is needed to supply the nonstop electricity. For this government-sanctioned a very big amount of 3500 crore rupees.

Benefit of Kisan Suryoday Scheme

The benefit of Kisan suryoday Scheme for farmers is that now they do not have to worry about electricity for irrigation. The chances of the destruction of crops from lack of irrigation will be very low after this scheme.

Which will be end their feeling of economic insecurity. Looking in a whole way this is the one solution to their every problem.

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Under Kisan suryoday Scheme, 3500 circuit kilometer lines will be laid for power supply.
This will help in the promotion of micro-irrigation in the state.
This scheme will be implemented in three phases, in which some selected districts will be included in each phase and the remaining districts will be selected for the next phase.
220 kV substations will be set up under this scheme. Which will ensure the continuous supply of electricity.

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There are already many welfare schemes for farmers in the country. In such a situation, the farmer Suryoday Yojana may not be so effective at first sight.

But the people who will benefit from this, they have the ability to change the economic condition of the country.

So if this scheme meets its objectives, then there will be no deal of agricultural losses in the country. If this article ends here, then if you like it then definitely share it and make your suggestions in the comment box.

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