7th pay commission
7th pay commission

The 7th pay commission is a committee that recommends the increase of salary of government employees. The pay commission is a commission that recommends increasing the salary of government employees by a fair amount after every ten years.

The first pay commission was implemented in the country in the year 1946-47. Which fixed the minimum salary of 55 rupees and a maximum of 2000 rupees. After then, around every ten years, a pay commission was implemented in the country and this is the 7th.

When was the 7th pay commission announced ?

The announcement of the 7th pay commission was made by that time finance minister P. Chidambaram on 25 September 2013. And after that prime minister, Manmohan Singh gives permission to build the 7th pay commission.

Members of the 7th Pay Commission

Retired judge of the supreme court justice Ashok Kumar Mathur is president of this commission. And along with him, three other people are members of this commission. The first one is Vivek Rai secretary of petroleum and natural gas. The second one is Rothin Roy who is the director of NIPFP.

And the third one is the secretary of this commission also and her name is Meena Aggrawal and she is the OSD of the finance ministry’s expenditure department.

Profile of the 7th Pay Commission

The union cabinet gave permission to the profile of the 7th pay commission on 28th February 2014. In this, the outline has been prepared to keep salary, allowances, and other facilities in mind. This commission includes members of regulatory bodies and officials and personnel of the Supreme Court. This commission will review perks, facilities, and benefits. The job of this commission will be to prepare such a salary structure that attracts the people eligible for government service.

How much time did the commission get for presenting its recommendations?
The 7th pay commission will get 18 months from the date of its formation for presenting its recommendation.

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Recommendations of 7th pay commission

The 7th pay commission recommends growth of 23.55 percent in wages, allowances, and pensions. But this is going to be an extra load of 1.02 lakh crores on the government’s treasure. The committee of this commission recommends a growth of 14.27 percent which is lower than all previous pay commissions.

The previous pay commission recommended the 20% growth which was doubled by the government at the time of implement in 2008. The commission recommended the minimum salary will be increased to 18,000 from 7000 per month and the maximum would be 2.5 lakh from 90,000 per month (which is the salary of a cabinet secretary).

Benefits that will be given by the 7th pay commission

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  • After the implementation of this pay commission, the employee’s salary will be calculated by the employee’s drone pay + grade pay + 100% DA.
  • After the implementation of this commission’s recommendations, the retired employee’s pension will increase.
  • The ratio between minimum and maximum wages will be 8:1.
  • According to the recommendations of this commission, the annual increment will be 5%.
  • Under the 7th pay commission if you get a promotion then your increment will be two times from your previous.
  • At the time of transfer, the allowances will also increase.
  • After the implementation of this commission’s recommendations, the housing building allowances will be available more easily.
  • With this traveling allowances will also be increased.
  • According to the 7th pay commission, the medical leave will be increased to 24 months, and in this full salary will be given for 120 days and a half will be given for the rest of the days.

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